Berlin – sport and Recreation

Although Berliners are known for their love of healthy food, they don't play sports, because they need all their energy for a frantic nightlife. And yet the opportunities for sports in the city are enormous. However, there is not much to cheer on. W Landesportbund Berlin e. V, Jesse-Owens-Allee 1-2 (300020) you can get the vintage Kalencler Freizeitsposrts, where the schedule of amateur competitions is given, which you can take part in, and professional.

Boat rental and ice skating

In summer, you can go canoe or rowing boat on the lakes of Berlin, e.g.. Wannsee lido, Neuer See in Tiergarten or the quieter Schlachtensee.

You can also go ice skating on some of the city's lakes, but in periods, when they are not frozen, you can go to the ice rink at the Eissporthalle Berlin, Jaffestrasse, where in winter on Wednesdays from 19.30 there is a disco on the ice (3038; 5 DM) i Eissstadion Berlin-Wilmersdorf, Fritz-Wilding-Strasse 9 (8234060; 3 DM), outdoor ice rink, where you can drive up to two hours.


Places, where to fish, there is quite a lot in Berlin; details of the permit applicable to foreigners (Fishing license) w Fisheries Department at the Senator for Urban Development and Environmental Protection,Havelchaussee 149-151 (*3052047), where you can also find out about equipment rentals.


It's best to run in Tiergarten behind the Zoo Station. It is also worth going to the area just south of Tempodrom, where there are beautiful and quiet clearings by a small stream.

You can travel long distances around Grunewald or take part in the Berlin Marathon on the first Sunday in October. The race starts at Strasse des 17 June, and ends after 50 km and runs through Dahlem and along Ku'damm, at the back of the Kaiser Wilhelm Church-Monument. To compete, write to SCC Berlin, Meinekestr. 13. 1000 Berlin 15; deadline for entries one month before the marathon. The SCC also provides information on numerous other meetings, including the 10-kilometer race around Kurfiirstendamm in July.

Mini golf

Hasenheide 81, (*6931362). IV-X codz. 11.00-22.00.

Munsterdamm, Prelterweg (*7961558). IV-X codz. 11.00-22.00. Six-bridge, Berlin Tegel (*4337690). IV-X codz. 10.00-until dusk.


In addition to Breitscheidplatz and the surroundings of the Nationalgalerie, you can ride in: Rolleskating Center, Hasenheide 108 (*6211028), U-Bahn Hermannplatz. Wt. -pt. 15.00-18.30 i 20.00-0.00, Wed. and Thurs.. 15.00-18.30 i 20.00-23.00, under.

14.00-19.00 i 20.00-2.00, Sun. 14.00-23.00. 4-6 DM (limited time; skateboard rental 3-4 DM).

WITH. B. Wilmersdorf Stadium, Fritz-Wildung-Str. (* 8241012). Discovered runway, V-IX wt. -pt. 9.00-16.00.


Though it's hard to believe, There are five ski slopes in Berlin and in heavy snowfall the Teufelsberg lessons last night and day (10 DM for a lesson for two). Informacje w Skiverband Berlin e-V in the Landessportbund Berlin, Bismarckal tea 2 (*8919798). Ski rental: Ski-sport-stadl, Liitzowstr. 104 (•261505).

Swimming pools

Bad on Spreewaldplatz, Wienerstr. 59H (• 25885813). Popular indoor pool with sauna and wave machine. Wt. -pt. 8.00-21.00, under. and sun. 13.00-21.00; wt. and Thurs.. only for women, Wed. only for men, pt., sob. and sun. co-educational; Mon.. not CZ.

Blub, Buschkrugallee 64 (*6066060). Excellent indoor pool with wave making machine, 120-meter long slide, wirami, waterfalls, sauna and gym. Codz. 10.00-23.00, under. and sun. 9.00-0.00. 16 DM for 4 hours including sauna.

Stadtbad Wilmersdorf, Mecklenburgischc Str. 80 (*8689523). Indoor swimming pool with solarium, easy access from the city center. Mon.. i sob. 7.00-19.00, wt. -pt. 7.00-21.40,Sun. not CZ.

Wannsee lido, Wannseebadweg (*8035450). Outdoor swimming pool, there is a beach nearby, and in the summer a lot of parties and crowds. V-IX codz. 7.00-20.00; 3 DM.

Other Freibad Halensee outdoor swimming pools, Konigsallee 5a (*8911703). Bathing area on the lake. Olympic swimming stadium, Olympic place (* 3040676).


Not counting private clubs, There are tennis courts in some parks, and the best at Freizeitpark Tegel (koło Tegeler See). Half. lV-mid. X pon. -pt.8.00-16.00; 18 DM in an hour from 16.00 do 21.00, enrollments for six months in advance (*4346666).


Berliners' favorite winter entertainment, not only for children. The most chilling slopes are on the Teufelsberg and to the north of the city at Freizeitpark Liibars, and for the more fearful there is the Rodelbahn Goethepark, Transvaalstr. i Rodelbahn Humboldthain, Gustav-Meyer-Allee. Information on the best slopes for tobogganing can be obtained from Senator fur Stadtentwicklung und Umweltschutz, Lindenstr. 20-25 (* 2586’2497).