Berlin – youth hostels

Youth hostels in West Berlin are used a lot by schoolchildren and sportsmen and women, so rooms are usually reserved for a long time in advance and you must call first. W Information Center Berlin. Hardenbergstr. 20 (310040) you can rent a room for free in most youth hostels.


You must have an IYHF ID in all of them, which can be purchased domestically, or upon arrival at the organization's Berlin offices at Tempelhofer Ufer 32 (® 3623024; the nearest U-Bahn station Móckernbriicke). There is a midnight curfew in all of them (which in this city suffering from insomnia is a great inconvenience), and includes bed linen and a Spartan breakfast.

Jugendgastehaus, Kluckstr. 3 (-w-2611097). Bus 29, direction Oranienplatz. The most central of the shelters, near the Tiergarten museums, in general, all rooms are booked. People up to years 25 20 DM, others 23 DM, key deposit 10 DM. It is forbidden to stay in the rooms 9.00-12.00. Wannsee youth hostel. Badweg 1 (•8032034). Train #3 do Nikolasee. Very nice location, forested walking areas close to the beaches of Lake Wannsee, but far from the city center, and the curfew makes it impossible to enjoy the nightlife. For years 25 20 DM. others 23 DM. key deposit 20 DM.

Ernst Reuter Youth Hostel, Hermsdorfer Damm 48-50 (• 4041610). Subway #6 do Tegel, then the bus # 15 towards Frohnau. Located so far from the city, that it is the least popular among hostels, so there are usually places in summer; it is worth remembering as an emergency exit. For years 25 17 DM. others 20 DM. key deposit 10 DM.


Rahnhofsmission. Zoo Station 3138088). Church-run hostel with limited accommodation for rail travelers (you may be asked to show your ticket) only for one night. But no one will want to stay there any longer, because the rooms are damp and without windows, and the atmosphere is a highly puritanic sphere. 15 DM per person for a cell with four beds plus a skimpy breakfast; from 6.00 you have to be on your feet. A desperate solution for the penniless, or when you arrive in the city very late.

Jugendgastehaus am Zoo, Hardenbergstr. 9a (3129410). U- i S-Bahn Zoological Garden. Perfectly located and very popular hostel. Ones 30 DM. two 50 DM, threes 70 DM. The curfew does not apply.

Jugendhotel International. Bernburger Str. 27-28 (2623081). Bus #29, direction Oranienplatz. Interesting location next to the Berlin Wall. Ones 38 DM, two 70 DM.

Studentenhotel Berlin, Meiningerstr. 10 (7846720). Bus #73 do Rathaus Schóneberg or U-Bahn Eisenacherstrasse. Dormitories in a quiet neighborhood. Twos 29 DM per person, including breakfast. The curfew does not apply, key deposit 25 DM.