Berlin – hotels and guesthouses


Center Pension Berlin, Kantstr. 31 (•316153). Great location, two minutes walk from Savignyplatz and five minutes by bus from Zoo Station. Stylishly renovated, great price 32 DM for one. 49-56 DM for two.

Hotel De Luxe. Lietzenburgerstr. 76 (• 8821828). The name is a tad misleading, and the location - between the sex club, and clubs with slot machines - not the healthiest in the city, De Luxe is located right behind Ku'damm and there are literally many good restaurants on your doorstep. Ones 37 DM. two 64 DM. Hotel Gotland. Spreewaldplatz 6 (• 6182094). Deep in the heart of Kreuzberg. with ones after 35-45 DM. two 60-100 DM. including breakfast.

Hotel Savigny. Brandenburgischestr. 21 (8813001). Ten minutes south of Adenauerp-latz. Ones 42-65 DM. two 79-104 DM.

Hotel Wendenhof. Spreewaldplatz 8 (6127046). 3lisko Oranienstrasse, punks and other anarchist Kreuzberg delights. Ones 40-50 DM. two 55-80 DM.

Hotelpension am Bundesplatz, Bundesallee 56. na rogu Hildegard Str. (•8535770). Central location five minutes by U-Bahn from the Zoo Station. Ones 40 DM, two 70-80 DM; breakfast included. Hotelpension am Lehninerplatz. Damaschkestr. 4 (3234282). The atmosphere of a youth hostel in a lively area at night. Bedrooms with four or five beds each 25-35 DM (including breakfast), ones (only two) 53 DM or 63 DM. two 43-48 DM. Breakfast is not included in the price of the single and double rooms.

Hotelpension Biales. Carmerstr. 16 (• 3125025). A little faded and soulless, but on one of the most beautiful streets in the city, between Savignyplatz and Steinplatz. Ones 45-75 DM, two 65-110 DM; breakfast included.

Hotelpension Hansablick. Flotowstr. 6 (3917007). A piece from Tiergarten, one of the few "alternative."” hotels in the city, run by the commune. Ones 45 DM. two 80 DM; breakfast included.

Hotelpension Lietzensee, New Kantstrasse. 14 ( 3215982). Near an attractive lake and park, extremely low price for the fashionable one, but the quiet area of ​​Charlottenburg - 45-60 DM for one, 86 DM for two; breakfast included. Hotel pension Pariser Eck. Parisstr. 19 ( 8812145 or 8836335). Decent accommodation in a nice tree lined side street. Ten minutes walk from Ku damm. several stylish cafes nearby. Ones 38-75 DM. two 65-90 DM; breakfast included.

Hotelpension Siidwest. Yorckstr. 80 (*7858033). A gloomy part of the city, but close to Kreuzberg hill, a very lively area at night. Ones 35 DM. two 60 DM.

Pension Alexis. Carmerstr. 15 (*3125144). Pretty dingy, but more character than neighboring Biales. Ones 45 DM, two 60 DM; breakfast included.

Pension am Savignyplatz. Grolmanstr. 52 (* 3138392). Right in the center of the nightlife around Savignyplatz; sympathetic, though a bit messy. Ones 37 DM, doubles 65-75DM.

Pension Elfert, Knesebeckstr. 13-14 (* 3121236). A bit run down, which compensates for the location good both for the day, and for the night. Ones 40 DM. two 60 DM.

Pension Fischer. Niirnbergerstr. 2a (• 246808). Great prices and close to the famous Dschungel disco. Ones 35-40 DM, two 50-60 DM Pension Kreuzberg. Grossbeerenstrasse. 64 (2511362). Close to the Kreuzberg hill in the richer part of this district. Ones 39 DM. two 65 DM. Pension Niebuhr. Niebuhrstr. 74 (• 3249595). A clean and fresh guesthouse in a quiet side street, a stone's throw from Ku damm and Kantstrasse. Ones 35 DM. two 55-60 DM.

Pension Peter. Kantstr. 146 (• 3122278). A bit dismal and noisy, but in close proximity to Savignyplatz. Ones 45 DM. two 70 DM. Pension Riga. Rankstr. 23 (*2111223). Few minutes from Ku'damm U-Bahn station. It would be nice to repaint, but much prettier than Austria (look down) on the same street. Ones 35-40 DM. two 72 DM. breakfast included.