Berlin accommodations

You can find rooms of all categories in Berlin, from youth hostels to five-star hotels. By far the best method - and certainly the cheapest in the long run - is to go to one of the recruitment agencies called Mitwohn-zentrale and listed below. All other options are more expensive or less comfortable.

Without a reservation, the cheapest hotel costs from 23 DM. but often there are no seats and curfews apply. The tourist office at Europa Center provides booking services too 3 DM, but their offer, especially in high season, is limited to rooms in the mid and high price range. With a bit of luck, however, a one in can happen 40 DM. two for 70 DM. or cheap private accommodation. The tourist office also offers the possibility of booking in advance: written request must be sent to Verkehrsamt Berlin at least two weeks prior to arrival. Europa Center, 1000 Berlin 30. stating the estimated length of stay and the upper financial limit

Otherwise. if you make a little call and go out yourself, there are good chances of finding a double room in a hotel or guesthouse below 50 DM.

Summer weekends are the most problematic and when arriving on Friday in July or August it is wise to reserve a room in advance for at least a few days, if you have not written to Mitwohn-zentrale before. You should also pay attention to the dates of festivals or popular events (such as the Berlin Film Festival), given in the section "Festivals and events”. Useful hotel and guest house lists can be found in the Tips fur Jungendliche and Berlin Hotelverzeichnis brochures. available at the tourist office.

Mitwohnzentrale are agencies, which find all kinds of rooms for any period of time - from a week in the bedroom of an apartment shared with others, to a luxury apartment for half a year. In summer there are many vacation rentals and the chances of getting something cheap right away are high. But Mitwohnzentrale are the best at finding something for a longer stay. The monthly fee for an independent apartment is from 460 do 700 DM. and roughly two-thirds of that for a shared kitchen or bathroom and toilet; the agency fee is usually one percent of the annual rent per month. A shorter stay will come out proportionally at the same price, but most of Mitwohnzentrale do not rent for less than a week. Considering, that it is roughly 18-25 DM per person per night. the savings are significant compared to all other types of accommodation except for the cheapest beds in the bedrooms of youth hostels. Almost all Mitwohnzentrals accept telephone reservations and differ only in the number of apartments in the records and sometimes in organizational efficiency. Mitwohnzentrale. 3rd floor, Kudamm Eck, Kur-fiirstendamm 227-8 (* 8826694). Mon.. -pt. 10.00-19.00. Sat and Sun. 11.00-15.00. The biggest and the best of the Mitwohnzentrale. close by walk from the Zoo Station. Also rooms for women in female-only flats under a separate telephone number - 8826284.

First shared accommodation center. Sybelstr. 53 (•3243031). Pon.-pt. 10.00-20.00, under. and sun. 10.00-16.00. The second best quality after the above-mentioned one. Relaxed atmosphere and a bit disorganized. Mitwohnzentrale.

Holsteinischestr. 55 (* 8618222). Mon.. -pt. 10.00 19.00. under. 10.00 14.00, Sun. 10.00-13.00. Nice service, quite close to the center, specializes in apartments on the outskirts of the city center. Also female flats.

Mitwohnzentrale Kreuzberg. Mehringdamm 72 (* 7866002). As the name suggests, The rented rooms are usually located in Kreuzberg and the eastern part of the city, therefore they are cheaper.